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VGroup is comprised of a team of sound & lighting specialists with over 50 years experience across all practice areas. 

We pride ourselves on designing artistic and creative solutions for our clients.  Installations that are superior both functionally and aesthetically. We also providing a best-in-class rental equipment rental solution. In many cases, we do what others won't.

VGroup’s team always delivers. To ensure VG can meet all client needs, we also work with many of the most talented freelancers in the region to ensure a cutting edge offering to our clients at all times.

In the following pages we introduce the key players of our team.

dean morris

founder & creative director

Dean founded VGroup in 2002. VGroup does not rely on sales & marketing promotional material to win new projects and clients. Our business model is based on trust and constructive partnerships built over long periods of close collaboration and word-of-mouth. Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning and some of them have become the largest F&B groups in town. This was possible because our goal has always been to provide the highest quality installed sound & lighting systems.


Dean has devoted his career to combine Form & Function to produce optimal results. He leads a team of specialists ensuring our installations are always above our clients’ expectations.
Contact Dean at
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Martins brinins

project director

Martins oversees the organisation, management and execution of all technical elements of VGroup's installations and live events. He has over fifteen years experience managing audio and visual installations coming from a solid background as a trained videographer and professional DJ. 

His role involves the careful assessment of what is needed to achieve the vision of the artistic team. He is an artist, craftsman and technician who get’s things done-on-time and within budget.


Martins is spearheading VGroup's move into Vietnam.

Contact Martins at

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rudolf Busmanis


A graduate of Cambridge University, Rudolf is a sound design specialist and event production specialist.
His role at VGroup is to provide technical project oversight and event management.  He has a strong background in technical leadership with recent projects including the Olympic Games in 2015 and the Islamic Games in 2017. He has also taken technical leadership roles in numerous international festivals. 


Rudolf is also leading VGroup's move into Vietnam.

Contact Rudolf at
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Nicolas Belaidi

shows & events lighting designer

Nicolas is a lighting designer for events, corporate productions and stage shows. He also creates lighting designs for 3D animated shows and walk-through presentations.


A specialist in lights for V Groups' dynamic shows and events  production,  Nicolas is also skilled in the field of architectural lighting designs.

Contact Paul at


axel vanderoost

led solutions

Axel designs and installs award-winning LED-based Visual Solutions. He has a long-established career in Sound and LED Displays and designed and supplied numerous world-class Installations around Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US.

Axel is a specialist working with the VGroup Team to custom-design LED Solutions based on specific customers’ needs and requirements. He has deep knowledge with over 15 years experience as well as strong connections within the PRC manufacturing world which allows him to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions. He handles design, quality control, factory acceptance testing, project management and installation oversight for all our LED solutions.

Contact Axel at

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wai yu

lighting design & programming

Wai is the longest serving member of the VGroup Team. Since VG’s inception he has handled all lighting installations across a broad spectrum of client applications.

He has over twelve years experience with a wide range of tools including Grand-MA, MADRIX, DMX designing and programming complex matrix lighting systems. His skills and creativity are best deployed in live performances and shows.

Contact Wai at

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hidi zev

Visual design

Hidi Zev is a VG Visual Design Artists and Still Media Specialist, covering video filming, video editing, content creation and VR.

Hidi comes from a visual merchandising background, including fashion styling and window design.  Her brief is to create innovative and impactful visual imagery and editing skills to maximise our customers’ branding in VGroup installations.

Contact Hidi at
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TEL: +852 2850 7090 |  HELLO@VGROUP.ASIA

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